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La Cuisine de Maider, catering and home coocking
Maïder manages your back home... starts up your villa/house and cook your your 1st meal ! Maïder goes shopping to prepare her best menus ! Maïder prepare and manage your children's Birthday parties ! Maïder does home cooking ! Maïder manage on demand services ! Maïder initiate children and adults to Gourmet Cooking !

La Cuisine de Maider, catering and home coocking


I have cooked ever since I was a child...

When I was at
primary school I had a teacher from Australia who taught us English and cake making. Carrot cakes, cookies, chocolate cakes and so forth.


One day we tasted a crunchy cake that had ants in it and was referred to as an ‘Australian recipe’ but we had no idea what it contained…. Nonetheless it was delicious because it was from a faraway country

And then came the holidays on the farm, the blissful summers spent in Ardèche with my cousins. Each morning,
Madam Iroulay would take over the chestnut scented kitchen. She would light the wood burner oven that would burn all day and would take us to the vegetable garden to teach us the names of the vegetables and herbs…


We would head off to the market where we would hear laughter, shouts, people calling... It was a festive atmosphere. Then we got down to serious matters when she would put on her apron to bake melted apricot tarts, chocolate mousse, caramel cream. We were allowed to help her but we weren’t to touch until meal times.

One day my father took me to see the
baker Poîlane rue du Cherche-Midi in Paris. I kneaded my first bread rolls and as proud as Artaban, I ate my first batch, hot and crusty… I had found my vocation.

When I was a teenager I went round the world with my parents, and each place we stopped in opened the door to
a world of new flavors, a thousand colorful unknown spices with names that made me dream, vegetables so well prepared that they have a prime position in the dishes from here or faraway that I like to create….
I have come back to Biarritz with
La Cuisine de Maider, catering and home coocking home service, that I hope to introduce you to soon, whether for a cocktail dinner, a dinner party with friends, a birthday party for your children, Sunday brunch, a Christmas or New Year’s Eve meal


I hope to see you very soon to share some oF
La Cuisine de Maider, catering and home coocking‘s tasty get-togethers with you.

La Cuisine de Maider, catering and home coocking


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La Cuisine de Maider, catering and home coocking